Step 1

- Prepare & Grind -

Renders 2 - 12oz. Cups

Weigh out and grind 52 grams of coffee (about 8 tablespoons), particle size should be like sea salt. Fill kettle and heat water. Depending on what kind of press you’re using and how cold it currently is, you may need to preheat it.

Weigh out 52 grams into press, and tare scale. Let water settle 30 seconds off  boil.

Step 2

- Brew -

Next, pour hot water (30 seconds off the boil or about 205 degrees F) into the French press, saturating all of your grounds, and pouring to the halfway mark. Start your timer for 4 minutes.

Step 3

- Stir the Bloom -

After 1 minute, stir the “bloom” (or top layer) and pour the rest of the water evenly to the top and affix the press pot lid.

Step 4

- Press the plunge -

After the 4 minute timer goes off, press the plunge slowly downward, and serve.

Step 5

- Serve and Enjoy -

 Immediately serve or decant to prevent over-extraction.