Step 1

- Prepare and Grind -

Rinsing the filter removes any paper taste of the filter and the hot water will preheat the Kalita or mug.

Weigh out 25 grams of coffee to be ground ( the size of  sea salt ).  Place grounds in the filter.  Fill kettle and heat water.

Step 2

- Brew -

Just after boiling, remove kettle and let water settle about 30 seconds. Start timer and saturate coffee. Let bloom, or expand for 30 seconds. Allowing the coffee to bloom ensures even water dispersion and a delicious cup.

Pouring in slow concentric circles add enough water to raise slurry to about halfway up the side of filter. Continue adding water slowly in stages, submerging the crust as you go and letting the slurry drop a little before adding water to bring it back to the same level. 

Pour water evenly in a spiral over the coffee bed and slowly fill to the top of the brewer. For an even extraction, try to pour over the dark spots and avoid the light ones.

Step 3

- Serve -

When the mug or kalita is full (this should take about 2 minutes), remove the dripper from the mug, place it in the sink or on a waste cup to catch the last drips.