Step 1

- Preparation -

Renders 2 - 12oz. Cups

Rinse filter with hot water and discard the water, replace filter (positioning the three folds toward the spout).

Weigh 52 grams coffee (about 8 tablespoons). Fill kettle and heat water.

Step 2

- Grind -

Grind coffee ( as course as kosher salt). Weigh 50 grams of coffee into Chemex, and tare scale. Let water settle 30 seconds off boil.


Step 3

- Brew -

Saturate coffee with water. Let bloom for approximately 30 seconds.



Pouring slowly in concentric circles, add enough water to raise slurry about halfway up the cone. Continue adding water slowly in stages, submerging the crust as you go. After crust has dissipated, pour into center of Chemex, raising the level of the slurry if needed toward the end in order to add all water in appropriate time. Try to add all water by 3:00.

Once you’ve added 800 grams of water, give it a final stir and let drain (aiming for flat or slightly domed bed).

Step 4

- Serve and Enjoy -

Remove filter and serve